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What is Diastasis Recti?

When the the Linea Alba thins and stretches, which is the connection between the rectus abdominis or six pack muscles, it can create what is called a Diastasis Recti. This is a completely normal occurrence with pregnancy to accommodate room for a growing baby. A diastasis can sometimes close on its own or linger. Sperstad et al in 2016 followed 300 first time pregnant women. The prevalence of diastasis rectus abdominus was 33.1% at 21 weeks gestation. They followed these women into their post partum period as well showing 60% prevalence at 6 weeks post partum; 45.4% at six months post partum; and 32.6% at twelve months post partum.

Here is a video series I posted about Diastasis Recti!

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Sperstad. J..B.; Tennfjord, M. K.; Hilde, G.; Ellstrom-engh, M,; Bo, Kl; (2016), Diastasis recti abdominis during pregnancy and 12 months after childbirth: prevalence, risk factors and report of lumbopelvic pain. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 50 (17): 1092-1096.

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