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Check out some of the local events and collaborations Untapped Potential PT and Wellness will be doing! Our goal is to keep connected with our community and by teaming up with local businesses we can provide greater services to our community! 

Pelvic Floor 101 Workshop

Join me at Sol Power Yoga again for another workshop! 2 hour learning about the  how the pelvic floor works and then how to incorporate concepts into your yoga practice to assist with any issues you may be!

25 South River Road #106 Bedford, NH

Pelvic Floor 101 (3).png
Dual Therapy Session  (1).png

Dual Bodywork Sessions! 

As therapists, there are many occasions where we wish we had an additional set of skilled hands to amplify the results of your treatment. Jakki and I have been exchanging treatments for several months, each time commenting on how powerful and exciting it would be to combine our skills and provide care as a team. Two sets of hands, two sets of eyes, and two deep knowledge bases in different types of techniques, all working together to open, release, and encourage positive change within your structure. Come experience a transformative co-treatment session of myofascial release and intuitive manual therapy, specific to your needs and goals. This one hour session is an all hands on deck experience that you don't want to miss!


Lifting and the Pelvic Floor 

Ever wanted to learn about the buzz of the pelvic floor? Why is it so Important? How can I optimize my pelvic floor while lifting weights? Join me at GetFit NH in Concord where I will teach you about the pelvic floor take you through some active strategies to enhance your pelvic health while lifting! 

Monday 6/19 at 6:30-7:45pm

GetFit NH

41 Terrill Park Drive Concord, NH

Cost: $20

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