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Check out some of the local events and collaborations Untapped Potential PT and Wellness will be doing! Our goal is to keep connected with our community and by teaming up with local businesses we can provide greater services to our community! 

Pop Up Clinic at Hotworx Concord

Dealing with a nagging Injury or Pain? Not sure where to look next? Come check out my Pop-up Clinic at Ascent Training! Let's chat about your issues and come up with a plan of action on February 13th, from 4pm-7pm! 



Unlock your Hips and Pelvis Pop-Up Mobility Class 

Do you struggle with tight hips and pelvic floor? Look no further: your hips and pelvis will move as smooth as butter after this class! Come take a deep dive into pelvic and hip mobility exploring different movements and exercises combined with breathing.
muscle relaxation, and activation.

Tuesday 11/28 at 6:45pm

Worthy Mind and Movement

8 N. Main Street Concord, NH 


Pregnancy and Birth Preparation !

Monday January 8th 6-7:30pm 


Join Dr. Sarah Coulombe, founder of Untapped Potential PT & Wellness at Wellness Village NH, a collaborative of holistic wellness providers serving you. Come build your tool chest for your birthing experience and the incredible postpartum period to follow. Learn about what your body is about to experience, ways you can support it, and equip yourself with the resources to make it as safe and supported as possible.

This two-part workshop will divide and conquer the birthing process first, and postpartum period second. They are most beneficial as a pair, but stand to deliver great value independently.


Part 1: Pregnancy and Birth Preparation

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