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Circus Arts Therapy

Circus Arts Therapy

What is Circus Arts Therapy?

Circus Art Therapy, specialized for aerialists, is an innovative therapeutic approach that melds the dynamic physicality of aerial arts with the healing science of physical therapy. Designed specifically for the needs of aerial performers, this therapy understands the blend of strength, grace, and acrobatic skill required in their art.

In the realm of aerial arts, where the body becomes a brush painting stories in the air, our therapy addresses the specific challenges faced by aerialists. From silks to hoops, trapezes to straps, each apparatus demands a distinct blend of flexibility, power, and control. Our Circus Art Therapy is tailored to enhance recovery, injury prevention, and performance.

As circus artists with a profound understanding of physical therapy, we bring unparalleled expertise and care to each session.  We utilize a blend of targeted exercises, manual therapy techniques, and movement analysis specific to aerial arts. This approach not only aids in overcoming physical challenges but also enriches your artistic expression, ensuring each performance is executed with precision and grace.

Circus Art Therapy for aerialists is more than just physical rehabilitation; it's a journey toward achieving peak artistic and physical form. It's about harnessing the body's capabilities to express and perform at its best.

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Why is Managing Your Pain Crucial?

Managing pain is paramount in the world of aerial arts, a discipline that combines the beauty of artistic expression with the rigors of physical endurance. For aerialists, who often push their bodies to the limits through complex aerial movements, effective pain management is not just about comfort; it's a vital component of their artistic and physical longevity.

In aerial arts, there will be a great toll on the body due to the combination of stresses. The gravity-defying moves and aerial acrobatics require immense strength, flexibility, and control. This intense physical demand can lead to muscle strain, joint stress, and even injuries if not carefully managed. Pain, therefore, is not only a signal of potential harm but also a barrier that can limit an aerialist's ability to perform at their best.

Effective pain management is essential as it directly impacts an aerialist's performance, safety, and career sustainability. By addressing pain proactively, aerialists can maintain their physical health, ensuring they continue to perform at the highest level. It enables them to focus on the precision and artistry of their work without being hindered by physical limitations. Additionally, managing pain effectively is critical for the long-term well-being of aerialists, allowing them to pursue their passion with minimal risk of long-term injury or chronic pain issues. In essence, pain management is integral to the successful and sustainable practice of aerial arts.

Benefits of Circus Arts Therapy

Starting Circus Arts Therapy comes with a bunch of benefits aimed at boosting your overall well-being. Our tailored approach is carefully designed to effectively tackle various muscle and movement issues.


Here are some of the benefits of it:

  • Specifically tailored for circus artists

  • Have a deep understanding of the mobility and strength requirements for the sports

  • Future Injury Prevention

  • Improved Muscle Strength and Flexibility

  • Improved Quality of Life

  • Optimized Physical Function

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