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Leg Injury


Enjoying Nature

Body Tune-Up 

Body Maintenance service provided to those who do not have an active injury or pain but would still like to have a professional movement assessment to address


  •  areas of tightness

  • optimize movement

  • stay on top of a previous injury 

  • training form or advice 


Ask about  custom programming ! 

Physical therapy on leg

Physical Therapy 

This session includes thorough subjective, full examination and assessment of issues with explanation, treatment, and home exercises.

Sessions may include 

  • Soft tissue mobilization: Trigger Point Releasedry needlingcupping, Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

  • Joint mobilizationBreath work 

  • Balance StrengtheningFlexibility/ Mobility training 


See the areas of treatment section for further details on what we treat. 

Young Mother and Baby

Woman's Health

Evaluation and Treatment of Women's Health Issues that can potentially include internal assessment if necessary 

Sessions may include everything included in a typical physical therapy treatment and evaluation. Exercise and soft tissue mobilization may be more specific to pelvic floor dysfunction if applicable. Please refer to the areas of treatment section for more detail 

Doctor Office

Discovery Session

Free 25 minute complimentary Session to talk with a professional about your issue(s).


Not sure where to start? Perhaps discussing your current problems with a physical therapist may help point you in the right direction. This session may help you determine if Physical Therapy is appropriate and if we are the right people to help you.

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